First of all, there’s the gravity regarding the event: a rite that is once-in-a-lifetime of.

First of all, there’s the gravity regarding the event: a rite that is once-in-a-lifetime of.

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Locating the bar/bat that is right present may be tricky.

Add compared to that, the receiver is 13, an age whenever a person’s passions and preferences have been in flux so when such a thing a grownup claims or does can appear entirely uncool and out-of-touch. Plus, our company is frequently invited for this event perhaps not because our company is near the bar/bat mitzvah son or daughter and understand his or her tastes, but because our company is extended family members or are friends for the child’s parents.

That’s why we’re here that will help you find one thing you feel great about and therefore the receiver really likes. Best of all, every thing on our list could be ordered online (you to check out your local Judaica shops and bookstores) although we also encourage. So keep reading — or, if you like, click entirely on the groups below to miss out the chatter and acquire right to the presents! Please remember that rates fluctuate, therefore think about the values we list as general guides and never guarantees. While our recommendations are mostly items that are jewishbecause that is our part of expertise), it’s additionally completely appropriate to offer gifts — such as for instance jewelry, add-ons, watches or such a thing pertaining to the child’s hobbies or passions — that have actually nothing related to Judaism or Israel.

Gifts By Category:

• Cash and Bonds

• Judaica

• Jewelry

• Torah Art

• Charitable Gifts

• Publications

Did we overlook a bar/bat mitzvah gift idea that is great? Keep your recommendations when you look at the feedback below.

If You Provide Cash — And Exactly How Much?

Money is without a doubt convenient for many involved and that can be properly used for one thing the bar/bat mitzvah son or daughter wishes at this time or socked away into cost savings records. Checks are traditionally written out in $18 increments, marking the Hebrew letters when it comes to term life (chai), that are numerically equal to 18. Having said that, no body will soon be offended in the event that you let them have a far more rounded quantity, like $50 or $100 — or what you may can easily pay for.

You’ll be able to start thinking about a present card.

Meanwhile, Israel Bonds’ Mazel Tov Bonds and eMitzvah Bonds offer the Jewish state and may be redeemed in 5 years, if the bar/bat mitzvah is approaching college-age. We’ve additionally heard about providing Israeli money, in an effort to encourage the receiver to see Israel sooner or later.

Because so many other people will also prefer to give Jewish ritual things, we advice sticking with things that are little and that you may want one or more of. Think Hanukkah menorah, Shabbat candlesticks or tzedakah (charity) field, rather than shofar or seder plate.

Shabbat Candlesticks

Some Shabbat candlesticks we like are these nickel people engraved using the Hebrew blessing ($31), these hand-painted wood people featuring a pomegranate design ($21) and these silver-plated and engraved people ($22) that fold up into only a little ball you should definitely in usage. These electric LED light bulb candles ($18) are set to a timer, and even though they aren’t gorgeous, these are typically dorm-room-friendly and a lot better than a number of other electric people in the marketplace

An alternative choice is cup candlesticks ($48) from Fair Trade Judaica, which “promotes financial partnerships according to equality, justice and sustainable practices that are environmental.

Hanukkah Menorahs

In specific, we recommend travel-size Hanukkah menorahs (also known as Hannukiyot), that can be taken on trips and (the electric people at the least) utilized in dorm spaces once the bar/bat mitzvah child goes to university. You can find less aesthetic options when you’re restricted to electric menorahs, but dorm fire codes that are most forbid pupils from lighting actual candles inside their spaces. The good benefit of menorahs (whether electric or old-fashioned) is the fact that even prior to the bar/bat mitzvah youngster departs house, he or she will enjoy having his / her very own to light on Hanukkah, if the more light the merrier.

Both this silver tone electric menorah ($31) and pewter plated one ($36) are low voltage and shortage the tackiness of numerous electric Hanukkah lights, making them perfect for dorm-room Hanukkah parties. A non-electric, but alternative that is practical this two-in-one (or 11-in-one, according to the manner in which you count it) hand-painted Shabbat candlestick set that converts in to a menorah. ($40)


A mezuzah is just a tiny package that is added to the proper doorpost of Jewish houses and sometimes additionally regarding the entryway to each room — so that the bar/bat mitzvah son or daughter may choose to affix someone to his / her room doorpost. In the package is really a parchment scroll with verses from the Torah inscribed upon it, like the Shema prayer (Deuteronomy 6:4-9, 11:13-21).

We’re fond of the steel that is stainless with Swarovski rock pomegranates ($70) pictured on the right, along with this handmade jeweled mezuzah situation ($70) — but you’ll uncover countless options at an array of cost points on Amazon plus in the local Judaica shop.

Tzedakah Boxes

It is old-fashioned to place cash as a tzedakah (charity) package each before lighting the Shabbat candles, and some people like to collect these boxes week. Just like the glass candlesticks above, this hand-carved and engraved wood tzedakah field ($45) exists through Fair Trade Judaica.

We also such as this brightly painted one in the form of the Jewish celebrity ($50).

The star that is jewish or Star of David, is a vintage choice in necklace pendants, and they’re accessible in silver ($29), silver ($30) as well as other materials. In the past few years, another icon — the hamsa — has grown to become ever more popular in Israel and all over the world. An eye fixed embedded in a hand, the hamsa has Middle Eastern origins and it is a sort-of good-luck charm. Find hamsa pendants here. The term chai, Hebrew for a lifetime, is also a popular Jewish icon for precious jewelry. You’ll find chai pendants right right here.

In addition, a look for Israeli precious jewelry on Etsy yielded numerous Israeli artisans (including ones that show at Tel Aviv’s popular Nahalat Binyamin market that is twice-weekly). There’s also Etsy shops, similar to this one, where you could buy other items that are israeli-made. Another source that is great Israeli precious precious jewelry (along with other items produced by Israeli performers) may be the Sabra Patch, an Etsy-like startup because of the motto “Handmade when you look at the Holy Land.”

A especially meaningful gift is artwork on the basis of the club or bat mitzvah’s Torah portion. Just be sure it really is returnable, because you plus the bar/bat mitzvah kid may have different emotions about exactly what will look good on his / her bed room wall — and duplicates probably won’t be appreciated. Also make certain you are specific concerning the Torah part the bar/bat mitzvah shall be chanting — it generally does not constantly match utilizing the date upon that the ceremony falls. Michal Meron Studios produces colorful illustrated Torah portions that range between $150-350, according to size and it framed or unframed whether you buy. Christina Mattison’s Drash Designs interpret the part through an even more lens that is abstract range in expense from $15-20 (unframed).

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